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Frequently asked questions

How to take care of the roses? 
Remove the roses from the box but do not take them out. If necessary, dust can be removed using a gentle brush.Because the roses are so fragile, don't put anything on top of them.
We suggest to not water the roses because water will immediately damage preserved roses. The roses will keep their appearance for several months without any additional care.Please keep away from direct sunlight or heat! Flowers are highly sensitive to heat and UV light, so keep your box out of direct sunlight. Maintain a humidity-free environment with a cool, air-conditioned temperature.

What's the difference between fresh and preserved roses?

Fresh roses are newly cut and not preserved, but preserved roses are 100 percent real roses that have been meticulously kept with a unique method to maintain their freshness.

What is the average lifespan of your roses?
• Our Preserved Roses can last anywhere from one to three years (depending on how you maintain them)

Is it okay if I remove my Preserved Roses from the box?
No. Keeping your preserved roses in the luxury box is part of their maintenance, as it allows them to stay fresh and lovely for 1 to 3 years. Taking them out of the box will also disrupt the beautiful arrangement created by our skilled florist.

Are you willing to accept returns?
No. We are unable to accept returns due to the nature of each order being personalized to match each individual's needs. However, you can cancel or alter your order before it ships by contacting us via mail or phone.


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